Her style   Organized  |   synergistic  |   vividly coloured  |  powerful  |   empathic  |  emotional yet clinical

Frau Kerl has worked as a video journalist, editor, artist and producer since 2007. During her studies for a Bachelor of Arts degree in media economics and communication in Berlin, she began specializing in TV production. Numerous television collaborations as journalist and editor as well as collaborations with the largest German advertising agencies followed and shaped her career as a successful marketing content producer with a strong network not only on the German market but also in Los Angeles and Southeast Asia as well as in Hong Kong. You will realize that she is very passionate about harmonious architectural and urban environments and heavy machinery such as aircraft, spacecraft and, of course, cars. As soon as a design commission from these fields flutters onto her desk, especially in combination with the production of electronic music, Frau Kerl becomes completely immersed and surrounds herself with post-its that remind her when to sleep and eat.

Creative direction (e.g. storyboard, marketing direction, project direction)
Project management
Filming ( HD / 4K / Aerial )
Product beauty shots (studio and outdoor)
Post production
Video Editing ( HD / 4K )
2D / 3D animation 
Real-time-rendered applications (e.g. online car / fashion configurator)
Sound mastering

... more upon request. 

Adobe After Effects   |    3ds Max     |     Adobe Photoshop    |     Adobe Premiere   |
Studio One Pro   |       ProTools      |       Canon 5D MK || - IV     |     Leica SL    

"A brief but valuable selection of partners & clients & mentors who gave me the privilege of advising them on their marketing challenges.  Many thanks for our time & cooperation !" Frau Kerl

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