Frau Kerl's Art Corner
This is the personal art project of our Managing Director.
Frau Kerl works as a video artist with a lifelong passion for observing us human beings on earth, how we develop in each country with its different characteristics and peculiarities.
In her predominant collection, "Observe," Frau Kerl's meditative expression lies in her audiovisual creations. A natural-born nomad, she captures scenes and observations from around the world and jockeys the moving images with the contemporary musical style prevalent in the captured society.
It is an interesting fascination from a macro perspective.
The variety of human expressions within and between cultures, is way too cool and just fun. The more she sees of our planet and the more she observes all kinds of culturally different people, "how each of them masters life", the more she experiences fun and is extremely happy - it is so colorful and a great entertainment. Humans are per se very cool.

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